Common Mistakes To Be Avoided By Notary Public

From a common person’s perspective, the job of a notary public usually seems simple. They witness and validate various documents as a safety measure to avert fraud. The notary public witnesses the signature taking place confirms the signer’s identity and then stamps his or her seal on that particular treaty or document.

But there are some common mistakes made by notary public Calgary that may place that signed document at risk by making it invalid.

Have a look at them:

Using White-out

Use of white-out or other objects to cover up text often considered as tampering. The receiving agent may reject it anyhow. In case any mistake happens in writing, a notary public should use a blank document.

Illegal notary seal

Stamping a document with a seal is vital but not with an illegal seal. The notary public seal contains notary public’s name, commission number and the expiration date. If any of these are missing then the seal is considered illegal making the document invalid. Notaries can prevent this problem by keeping a few backup stamps in hand.

Empty field’s notary certificate

There are some significant fields included in a notary certificate like the client’s name and date of notarial service. Leaving any of these fields blank in the certificate may make the document invalid.

Notary Public Edmonton should take their time while completing the certificate, confirming every blank field is completed with the required information.

Notarizing without the signer present

Under any condition, a notary public shouldn’t notarize a document for a client without the signer being present. If they fail to follow this otherwise basic rule, then it will make the document invalid. It will also put the notary public at risk for illegal activities.

Don’t forget the duty of notary public to do notarization done as a means to protect the parties involves against fraud.

Hope, you will not make such general but can be drastic mistakes.